Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh my GOSH!!!!!!! I got out of the shower this morning and weighed.....I have lost 3.5 pounds!! And that was with wet hair!!
IM so excited I cant stand it.......with this little bit of loss, I am totally EXCITED and know that I CAN DO THIS!!!!!

Now, theres my pat on the back, and time to really do my workout for the day.

Yesterday for food I ate:

2 servings of Honey Bunches of oats cereal
1 c milk
a few grapes

6 in chicken breast subway sub with lots of veggies on it

6 in chicken breast sub

Dinner was neat...I made steak, potatoes and hamburgers for the girls....and I ate NONE of it! I didnt even want to have a bite of a loaded potatoe!! I was stoked!

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