Monday, January 5, 2009

DAy 1

Well I started our my day today tired!!!! William left for work and I was just fresh out of the shower with Isabella attached at my feet.

Come downstairs, got all the girls breakfast out and milk cups and I so wanted to eat a nice bowl of Captain Crunch!!! INSTEAD I did so good...

Got out my WW points slider and measured away...

3/4 cup of Honey Bunches of oats
1/2 cup milk
25 grapes

it was good but not that filling...I can see as where I will snack on grapes today until my body gets used to all this. I think I found the ticket for my brain....when I make a bowl of cereal I use the small bowls (like the ones say you would add salsa in at the restaurant)...this makes the perfect portion amount for a single serving...I always use the cereal bowls and yes while it will fill a tummy, is really is about 2-3 servings PER BOWL!

I ordered the new 2009 Weight Watchers kit on ebay this morning. It has the NEW dining out and companion books, a cookbook with like 50 receipe's, a 3 mth journal, a points calculator,a bag and something else...

IM so ready to yell

F R E E D O M!!!

IM finally excited about this weight loss. I told william that i want to become addicted to it! When our new treadmill comes in i want to walk on it morning and night! I WANT TO BE THIN/HEALTHY again~ I want to say GOOD BYE to all blood pressure meds, I want to look good in a bathing suit this summer, I want to feel sexy again for William and MYSELF!!!! I want to be able to put on a cute pair of jeans,a mini skirt, a tank top or whatever the heck I want to put on!!!! I Want the old ME back...21 years ago, JUst the new revised ME!

SO I am tackling this like Dave Ramsey says to tackle debt..........SNARLING, ANGRY, AND TOTALLY MOTIVATED!!!!!!!!!!!


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