Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well i go weigh in tomorrow at WW, Im dying to know what their scale says. Mine says I have lost

I have had to start over on my c2 5k. This is kicking my BUTT! To top it off with Giovanna being sick last week, my left shin splint KILLING ME, yesterday I totally fell right out my front door! Its like my brain went blank and I didnt know I had to walk....Dont understand that one. So now my legs hurt and my right knee is totally skinned up and painful! What a way to get me down Satan!
I wont give up. I so want to do this. I will loose the weight some how and so far really being knowledgeable of what Im putting in my mouth has made a HUGE differnce!
sorry I havent posted in a week.. Last Wed I went to weigh in and the WW scale there said I stayed the same...UGH! however my scale at home has shown my loss. Hmm intresting! Anyway I know I have lost because I seen the change in my jeans.
Here's to a new week.

Giovanna has come down with the stomach bug so my running has been put on hold.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

up to 2.8 pds loss!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

YEAH I met and surpassed my goal.
I lost 2.2 pounds!
Way to go me!!!
I have a long way to go but my goal was 1.6 pounds and I did it.

Lyndsey and I are now off to the gym....wish us luck!

Heres to the new me!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have done laundry all day! My goal is to totally finish. Michael wanted me to help him make cookies...I told hi I couldnt because it would kill my points...I ended up helping him but made the no bake oatmeal cookies, they are oatmeal, cocoa, sugar, margarine, vanilla. I did eat two cookies....YIKES.

I feel like i am doing well with my points but I really need to find some good easy quick meals that are low points. Anyone out there know any??

I will do my third day of C 2 5k tomorrow because of my hip. Its still hurting but not like it was!
Tonight we had FREE childcare with our APAC (AL POST ADOPTIONS connection) group so we took them up on the offer. WE took Lyndsey and Michael to Carraba's to eat. It was so darn good. I had whole wheat pasta with lemon sauce, some chicken with some sauce, a salad and water. I even did have some of the wonderful olive oil with spices on a piece of bread. Going into dinner i still had 16 points left in my daily points with WW. I also have my 35 extra points for the week....however I think my whole meal was aroun 18-20 points so it wasnt too bad.
Thursday I did some walking on the treadmill and then that night I went to Penny's to see what shoes they had on sale...I made the mistake of running (after I hurt my hip yesterday) and was in intense pain. I told Lyndsey I couldnt do anything else but leave right then. I slept with a heat pad on my hip all night. This needs to go away. No Zumba for tomorrow for me. SHUCKS!