Saturday, January 9, 2010

This is so sad. Notice today's date and the last date on my blog...almost ONE YEAR difference!

I just sat here and re read all the posts i had done on here...not many but they were good. I dont know what happened to me in the year 2009 other than life just once again took over like it always does and I didnt do for myself....not because of anyone else....but I JUST PUT myself on the back burner! I am ready to do this....

William said he will help me stay motivated in anyway he can. I am finally starting this program called from couch 2 5k. Will found it sometime last year and encouraged me to do it...I never did. So I have so decided that for no one else but MYSELF Im gonna do this!

William helped me pick out some new tennis shoes, ones that will be good for running, I bought a new running top and workout capri's. I am ready! The only thing left to do now is get my iphone loaded with good music so i can start my workouts. I am training under the cool running's couch to 5k program. My goal is to start out slowly and try my best to stay on top of this program. Check it out HERE. I have not exercied in like 21 yrs.....before i got pregnant with the twins, and they are now 20! I was at one point totally in shape! so i will start off the new blog with a picture of me 20 yrs ago. This photo is the closest one i can find of myself (this was taken right after the twins were born). I can so see that even after gaining a ton of weight being 9 1/2 mths pregnant with TWO babies how much weight i have s l o w l y put on.

So fasten your seatbelts and watch as i WORK so dang hard at getting this weight off in 2010! Leave me some encourging comments and well save the nasty ones for your self! LOL


  1. I'm here to support you Rita. How about for your 50# goal you get to commit to Varsha!! That'll motivate you!