Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am so stickin excited...I stepped on the scale this morning and guess what...Im at 211! No Im not thrilled at the idea of weighing this much but I am thrilled to know i have lost 6 pounds!!!! I am so on my way to my 72 pound weight loss goal.

I have been doing really good with my food intake. I need to get better with writing it all down, but i do carry my points calculator with me everywhere so i can keep track that way.

For breakfast today I have had 1 yolait light yougurt worth 2 points and thats it. I will eat a banana and maybe a slice of 45 calorie sara lee toast...that will be another 2 4 points for breakfast is really good. Where I seem to get my points in is at night with dinner. I try to cook for everyone and just eat very small portions. I am cutting out all frying and that will help alot!

UNtil later today....

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