Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last night we had Lyndsey's party and i think overall i did well.

For lunch I met William and Michael and went to Jason's Deli. I had the low fat club, took off the cheese and mayo and it was like 9 points. I didnt eat chips, I had some fresh fruit and water with lemon. Yummy!

For dinner we had all my, chicken wings, chicken tenders, popcorn chicken, chips and dip and cake with ice cream. I ate SALAD with a few pieces of popcorn chicken on it and ONE bite of pizza. I drank water. I shared a SMALL piece of cake with isabella and she ate the most of it.

OVERALL I think i did great. IF I did go over my 28 points for the day, it wasnt by much if any.

I must get better at drinking my water.....I thought I drank alot during the day, but I really dont.
I am totally excited about my weight loss so far....almost 4 pounds!!! YEAH!

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